That moment you realize you are Edmund

he almost gets them killed because he wants sweets

we’re still Edmund

except that kid was a damn liar when it came to Turkish Delight

I can’t tell you how many years I craved Turkish Delight after seeing the BBC production of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. And then one day I see a package of them in the store and I am practically salivating because I had dreamed of how amazing it tasted. And then all my dreams died when I bit in to one only to find that it TASTES LIKE FREAKING PERFUME!!!!

Let this be a lesson kids. Just like vanilla and cinnamon, Turkish Delight is a damn lie.


i don’t know in what universe that stuff is considered tasty and I’d honestly like a Britisher to tell me if this stuff is still popular and why.

You know, this sort of reminds me of the first time I tasted fondant, I was like, “Blech! This stuff is supposed to be edible?!”

I mean…sure, it makes your cake look nice and smooth…but looks aren’t everything. Just give me the damn frosting, please! I don’t care what it looks like! I just want it to taste good!

The hell kind of Turkish Delight are you people eating? I love that stuff!


what do we say to the god of death?

me: sean bean is that way

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Buffy x Dean parallels [Tiredness, depression and self hatred]

BtVS 2x22. Becoming / 5x22. The Gift / 6x03. After Life / 6x07. Once More With Feeling / 6x13. Dead Things

SPN 2x09. Croatoan / 3x10. Dream A Little Dream Of Me / 4x10. Heaven And Hell / 7x06. Slash Fiction / 8x14. Trial And Error

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I feel at the least the tumblr portion of the Supernatural fandom has a habit of being very pessimistic and being very quick at jumping to conclusions, and are highly judgmental, especially when they see spoilers. You have yet to see how things actually play out, quit whining over nothing.



no but what if in season 10, Demon!Dean throws away the samulet because it doesn’t mean anything to him any more.

But he threw it in the trash like forever ago… o.O

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This is what you’re gonna become
This is what you’re gonna become

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Jensen Ackles is not “interpreting” Dean Winchester. Jensen Ackles is creating Dean Winchester.

It is unspeakable arrogance to put your interpretation of the character on the same level as the creator’s, to tell the creator of the character that the character he has played for…

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QUESTIONS! (Also known as WOOO - I got tagged for once, this like NEVER happens!)

Always post the rules!

Answer all the questions the person who tagged you asked and then write 10 new ones.

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Actually tell them you tagged them.

I was tagged by demon-eyes-are-my-kink

The questions asked are:

  1. What’s your favorite character of all time?
    Hmm…it is exceedingly difficult for me to choose just one, so of my thirty or so favorite characters I can narrow it down to two. Raistlin Majere from Dragonlance and Jason Solo (Darth Caedus) from the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

  2. What’s the typical dish of your country?
    Tim Hortons.

  3. What would you like demon!Dean to do next season?
    Not become human again. Yes seriously.

  4. Angel!Dean or demon!Dean?
    Demon!Dean - obviously. XD

  5. What’s your biggest dream?
    To go on a real adventure with magic and danger around every corner.

  6. If you could have three wishes granted, what would they be?
    First of all I would want powers of some sort, super-powers, magic powers, fire-bending, or whatever - just something, secondly I would eternal youth, and third I’d want invulnerability.

  7. A place you’d like to visit?
    Scotland, my family is from there but I’ve never visited.

  8. What’s the worst movie you ever watched?
    Miami Vice, normally I never would have gone but my friend wanted to - we spent the majority of the movie ignoring it and talking to the only other three people in the theater.

  9. Favorite music genre?
    I will listen to pretty much anything except slow rapping, emo, or sad country music. But uh my favorites are probably punk (especially celtic punk), classic rock, and new metal (as long as it’s badass and not whiny).

  10. Best memory of your childhood?
    Uhm, hard to pick one actually, I guess just hanging out with my sisters and playing, we made a dragon to fight once out of bins and old clothes our parents had given us to play with, or maybe when I was sick with a cough for a month and my dad gave me the first Dragonlance book, sneaking out of my room with one of my sisters to watch episodes of Angel at two in the morning. Lots of things like that.
 I’m asking:
  1. Do you carry any weaponry on your person?
  2. What are you most proud of?
  3. What is your favorite quote?
  4. Favorite drink?
  5. What would be worth giving up your life for?
  6. What character (from anything at all) do you relate to the most?
  7. Favorite video game?
  8. What do you know about Pen & Paper RPGs?
  9. How well prepared are you for the Zombie Apocalypse?
  10. What’s a new song or artist you’ve found that you’re really into right now?

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"What if in Season 10, somehow the Samulet(Dean’s amulet) appears on Sam’s bed, he goes to touch it and it’s BURNING hot. He turns around and Morgan Freeman comes through the door like, “Hello, Sam.”"

I think i have lost my mind, castiels-fallen-wings LMFAO

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Yes. Yes is the answer to this. Morgan Freeman as God is always a yes. XD


Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot and still don’t have any of those videos out. Got heat stroke earlier this week and I need to spend some more time focusing on my health, I’m still working on the videos, they just might take a little longer than intended.


This is the inFORM Dynamic Shape Display from MIT. And it may be gypsy magic.

There’s a Kinect camera watching the demonstrator, tracking his movements, when are then transferred to a computer, which sends to an array of pillars, which move up and down accordingly using actuators.

You can use it to transfer the actual movements of your hands, so you could remotely handle objects, like in the first 2 gifs, or you can use it for 3-D modelling like in the other two, like how he uses gestures to pull a cube of the table.

Basically it’s the crazy map from the first X-Men, or the first generation of Fitz and Simmons holotable in Agents of SHIELD. Imagine what you could with this, remote handling of hazardous materials, actually 3-D movies, conference calls that could actually project what you’re doing.

The future is awesome.